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Mascots for a Cure is dedicated to help children and their families battling cancer.  Through our passion, relentless pursuit of our goals, and the power of mascots, we foster hope, laughter, joy, positive memories, and love to support children and their families affected worldwide.

Mascots for a Cure started on February 21st, 2014, and was born out of a personal experience with cancer.  There is a good chance we have all been touched or affected by cancer in some way, shape or form.  There are stories behind each of these battles.  Our story is driven by passion, by the power of mascots, by creating unique opportunities and events for both people and mascots to be a part of, and most importantly we are driven by love.  We believe that together, we can help fight childhood cancer, one mascot at a time!

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Lace Up and Twist Away Childhood Cancer Tour

Our Couragous Knights

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