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Pottstown High School and Sixers Game

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Cities: Pottstown, PA, and Philadelphia, PA

Date: Friday, February 24th

We were fortunate enough to visit one of our favorite high schools, Pottstown High School, about 45 minutes northwest of Philadelphia.  Pottstown High School has been unbelievably supportive with Mascots for a Cure and our effort to help fight childhood cancer.  Their entire school district has done our Chubby Checker Twist Challenge, they have sold our Mascots for a Cure shields in September during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and they have helped fundraise in countless other ways.

We were able to perform our Knighting Ceremony on both Dave Woodley and the amazing Trojan Men mascots.  Pottstown High School also hosted a school pep rally to welcome Mascots for a Cure on their campus.  Their band was playing, their cheerleaders were dancing, and their mascots were having fun with the student body and teachers.  It was such an honor and special experience to be able to spend the afternoon with Dave Woodley, the amazing staff and students of Pottstown High School. Once a Trojan, Always a Trojan!

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Friday night we took three of our Courageous Knights and Royal Families out for a fun and memorable night at the Philadelphia 76ers vs Washington Wizards game.  We were able to get pre-game access to watch the players warm up, got a special visit in our seats by Franklin the Blue Dog, and we were even able to meet some of the players after the game.  Mascots for a Cure and our Courageous Knights were able to spend some quality time with both Bradley Beal and Otto Porter from the Washington Wizards.  We took a lot of photos with them and Bradley Beal even did the Chubby Checker Twist Challenge with one of our Courageous Knights, Layla!  This was a night that was special for all of us and that we will all remember.

Gallery (Sixers Game):


Reading Eagle

WFMZ-TV 69 News

Knighting Ceremony: Knighted the two Trojan Men mascots and Mr. Dave Woodley into our Mascots for a Cure family as part of our Characters Who Care

Mascots: Sir Roland BraveHeart and Trojan Men of Pottstown High School

Lace Up and Twist Rally: Pottstown High School

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