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Two Great Days in Syracuse

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City: Syracuse, NY

Dates: Wednesday, February 22nd – Thursday, February 23rd

We teamed up with the great people at Crouse Hospital and held a Lace Up and Twist Away Childhood Cancer Rally at the Pomeroy School of Nursing at Crouse Hospital.  There were approximately 30 wonderful nursing students who were so much fun and had such great energy as they took on the Chubby Checker Twist Challenge!  Some of the nursing students purchased Mascots for a Cure t-shirts and even made an $80 donation from their Honor Society.  It was absolutely amazing to get the opportunity to work together with Bob Allen and Christine Brown on this project.  They were incredibly gracious to open up their school and hospital for us to record all kinds of fun promotional material.  We were able to create a partnership with Crouse Hospital that will last for years to come.

Gallery (Wednesday):

On Thursday, February 23rd we teamed up with Syracuse University, the Syracuse Cheer Team, Otto the Orange, and the Syracuse Women’s Basketball team to perform the Chubby Checker Twist Challenge during the first quarter of the game.  We had access to the entire stadium for taking photographs and shooting footage for this great visit in Syracuse.  It was so amazing to be able to go on the floor of the Syracuse game and see our message played on the big screen, to get the entire cheer team involved and the entire crowd to take our Chubby Checker Twist Challenge!  We look forward to being able to do this exact same concept with other universities across the nation!

We were able to connect with the head of security about Mascots for a Cure, how it got started, about our mission, and about the journey we were about to take.  He was so inspired that he opened up his wallet and donated $60 to our cause and mission.  He was a wonderful man and really opened up the Carrier Dome to us for this event.

Gallery (Thursday):

Knighting Ceremony: Knighted Otto the Orange and Scooch and Pops as part of our “Characters Who Care.”

Mascots: Sir Roland BraveHeart, Otto the Orange from Syracuse University, Scooch and Pops from the Syracuse Chiefs

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