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CHOP Visit February 2016 (04)

Our Mascot Program

Mascots for a Cure will be sending mascots around the nation to visit children and their families who are battling cancer.  These children’s favorite mascots  will successfully create positive memories for these kids as well as bring them laughter, joy, hope, and most importantly, love.  These visits will take place at local children’s hospitals, family homes, and if possible, the children’s schools.

Mascots for a Cure will be conducting our unique and one-of-a-kind “Knighting Ceremony” for these children, which upon completion will welcome our “Courageous Knights” into the Mascots for a Cure family and as part of our Knights at the Mascot Table!  With each MFAC Knighting Ceremony, we will provide our Courageous Knights with a:

  • Mascots for a Cure blanket
  • Mascots for a Cure t-shirt
  • Mascots for a Cure shield pin
  • Mascots for a Cure shield tattoo
  • Sir Roland BraveHeart teddy bear
Philly World Record Attempt Feb 2016 (21)

Helping Our Featured Families

Mascots for a Cure will be accepting applications from these strong and amazing families who are also battling cancer alongside their brave child!  When a child is battling cancer, so are their parents, grandparents and siblings.  They are not alone in their fight! Mascots for a Cure will be helping these families financially by:

  • Helping pay for their medical bills, utilities and in some cases their mortgage payments / rent through our Mascots for a Cure “Kings Ransom” program.
  • Helping families with meals through our Mascots for a Cure “Meals for the Royal Family” program.
  • Helping families relax together and create their own special memories as a family, by sending them on their dream vacation through our Mascots for a Cure “Family Quest” program.
Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation

Helping Our Community Partners

Mascots for a Cure believes in the power of networking. We also believe that the one way we will finally find a cure for cancer is by working together as a team, as one. Mascots for a Cure partners with our strategic partners in many ways.

One of these ways is to partner with other great childhood cancer non-profits in organizing community events. We help to cross promote their event, their mission, and their goals, all while focusing on our core values. This helps to raise awareness for childhood cancer and their cause. This also allows Mascots for a Cure to create a valuable partnership that continues to grow each and every year. By doing this, we all become stronger organizations and better people in our fight to end childhood cancer. This ultimately helps the children and their families that we serve.

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