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Boston Bound

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Cities: Woborn, MA, and Boston, MA

Date:  Tuesday, February 21st

Coming off of the Philly tour launch, we were ready to go and had Boston in our sights armed with our new MFAC Shield Blankets that arrived just in time.

Tuesday morning came fast, and the road was calling so we drove up through New York City and over to Woburn, MA, for our very first Rotary Club presentation and Chubby Checker Twist Challenge.  It was such a pleasure to have lunch with the fine folks of the Woburn Rotary Club, to present to them about Mascots for a Cure, and to get them to take the Chubby Checker Twist Challenge.  It was a lot of fun to see them all smiling and having a great time while taking the Chubby Checker Twist Challenge.  They were kind enough to donate $36 to our cause and also purchase some of our Mascots for a Cure gear.

After the Rotary Club meeting in Woburn, we drove to Boston to do a Lace Up and Twist Rally at the iconic Cheers on Beacon Hill.  We met the wonderful staff there including the owner, Mr. Tom Kershaw.  We recorded a very fun Chubby Checker Twist Challenge with Mr. Kershaw and his staff where they challenged the Founder of Sam Adams, Jim Koch, and their other Cheers location at Fanueil Hall. Oh, and Mr. Kershaw and Cheers were incredibly kind and generous with their $10,000 donation to our cause and Mascots for a Cure.  What a way to start off our Lace Up and Twist Away Childhood Cancer Tour! It is these kinds of donations that will help us help kids and families battling cancer.

Mascots: Sir Roland BraveHeart, Slider from the Portland Seadogs

Rotary Club: Woburn Rotary Club

Lace Up and Twist Rally: Cheers Boston – Beacon Hill



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