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Sadie was diagnosed with leukemia in November. She and her family have spent the last couple months helping her fight against it.  Hearing that your child has cancer is something no parent should ever have to do.  Sadie is very strong and her light shines so brightly as she presses through this journey.  Her brothers are always willing to help care for her.  Through all the visits to the doctor and all the hospitalizations/procedures her family is hopeful.

Sadie's family
Sadie’s family

A Quote from Sadie’s Mom:

We are hopeful because she is strong.  We are confident she is receiving the best care possible.  We are blessed because of the amazing support our family has received from friends/family and organizations like Mascots for a Cure!!  When families are living through a difficult and stressful time, it is so helpful to be supported.  Mascots for a Cure offers families the opportunity to cultivate positive experiences together.  It is so important to make memories that are fun during this time. It is so special to spend time together.  We appreciate the efforts of Mascots for a Cure and their mission to love on children with cancer.

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