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What is Mascots for a Cure?

Mascots for a Cure fights childhood cancer, one MASCOT at a time! We provide children and their families with laughter, love, joy and hope! We do this through the power of mascots and their ability to provide these things and so much more.

Where does the money go?

The money that Mascots for a Cure raises goes to:

  • Our MASCOT program where we organize mascots to do hospital visits with children nationwide who are battling cancer.
  • Helping families with some key financial needs and support.
  • Organizing fun activities for siblings to do while their brother / sister is battling cancer.  We want to remind them that they are kids too and that together we can get through this difficult time.
  • Donating to other organizations with a similar vision as our own.
  • Organizing other events that will raise more money and awareness for our cause.
  • A small percentage goes to our administration costs.

What is Mascots for a Cure’s mission?

To help children and their families who are battling cancer.  Through our passion, compassion, relentless pursuit of our goals and the power of mascots, we will be there to create hope, laughter, joy, memories, and love for children and their families world-wide.

What is Mascots for a Cure’s vision?

Our vision is to help the children and their families who are battling this terrible disease known as cancer. We believe that 80% of anyone’s cancer battle is keeping a positive attitude and outlook on what they are going through.  We believe that laughter, joy, love and hope are key ingredients in getting through this battle.

How does Mascots for a Cure raise funds?

Mascots for a Cure raises funds by creating very unique and fun events such as Gala dinners, Guinness World Records, our Mascots for a Cure shield program, from our generous and kind donors, from our generous and kind community, through the companies and teams that these mascots belong to, parody videos, our Twist Away Childhood Cancer campaign, by partnering with other events with similar interests and more.  The creativity is always flowing with our staff, interns, volunteers and our Board of Directors.  The sky is truly the limit!

How does Mascots for a Cure raise awareness?

Mascots for a Cure raises awareness by creating quality events and win-win scenarios for all involved.  We harness the power of each individual mascot and bring them all together as one group fighting a similar cause!  We believe that mascots can bring such joy, laughter, love and hope to all ages from 2 to 92 and beyond!

Does Mascots for a Cure support other organizations who help fight back against childhood cancer?

Yes!  Part of what we do at Mascots for a Cure is to help other quality and worthwhile organizations throughout the nation.  Our main criteria for this is that the particular organization must raise funds and awareness to help children and their families who are battling this terrible disease.  Some of our community partners include:  Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, Kasie Helpz Kidz, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, B Positive Foundation, Children’s Cancer Association and Doernbechers Children’s Hospital.  Every year, we would like this list to grow!  Networking is a powerful tool and we believe that the only way to finally find a cure for cancer is by working together!

How much of the money raised goes to programs and helping others versus administrative/fundraising costs?

Mascots for a Cure is a new non-profit organization.  We are turning the page from just creating awareness to fundraising and making a larger impact.  Our goal is to keep our administrative costs as low as we can, while donating as much as we can back to our mission statement.  Our ideal goal is to donate 80% back to our mission and have 20% on which to operate.

If I am a mascot or know of a mascot, how can we be involved?

Please join our newsletter and we will send you updates of how you can participate in our next big yearly event and/or an event close to you!  Every mascot is a mascot for a cure!

What is the current Guinness Book World Record?

The current Guinness Book World Record is held in Tokyo Japan with 367 mascots.  Mascots for a Cure will not give up on our goal of breaking and setting a new World Record for “Largest Gathering of Mascots” and “Largest Mascot Dance”.  Each time we attempt these records, we will raise awareness and funds for childhood cancer while doing so.

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