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Our Mission and History

Mascots for a Cure is dedicated to help children and their families battling cancer and other serious illnesses. Through our passion, relentless pursuit of our goals, and the power of mascots, we foster hope, joy, and love, as well as create positive memories to support children and their families affected world-wide.

Mascots for a Cure started on February 21st, 2014, and was born out of a personal experience with cancer. There is a good chance we have all been touched or affected by cancer in some way, shape, or form. There are stories behind each of these battles. Our story is driven by passion; the power of mascots; creating unique opportunities and events for organizations, people, and mascots to be a part of; and most importantly we are driven by love. We believe that TOGETHER, we can help fight childhood cancer and other serious illnesses, one mascot at a time!

Why We Are Different

Mascots for a Cure IS different because:

  • We use the power of mascots to bring joy to the hearts and minds of children and their families battling cancer.
  • We organize events of all sizes with mascots aligned by a common interest, goal and cause…To fight childhood cancer.  These mascots all want to provide hope, laughter and love to children and their families who are battling cancer.
  • We strategically utilize the mascot brands to help raise necessary funds and awareness.
  • We have a national reach and unique relationships, allowing our organization to attract well known mascots from across the country to band together in this fight.
  • We can stage events anywhere support is needed.
  • Our ability to network with businesses, organizations, high schools, colleges, universities, semi-pro teams and pro teams is unparalleled. We then turn this networking opportunity into awareness and funds to help fight childhood cancer.
  • We are a fun story for the media both locally and nationally.
  • We provide mascots and their organizations a unique opportunity to connect with each other on a national platform.
  • We can leverage with other similar non-profits, by bringing mascots to their events / fundraisers.  This creates a benefit for both them and us.

How Your Donation Helps

Your donation will help us help others by:

  • Directly helping children and their families.
  • Creating new and ground breaking events furthering our goals of raising awareness and funds for childhood cancer.
  • Supporting other non-profits with like minded goals as Mascots for a Cure, with the foundation of fighting childhood cancer.

Every donation helps!  Together we can fight back!  Together we can make a difference!

Learn how your support helps children with cancer . . . Video coming soon!

Our Promise

We promise to create “win-win” scenarios for everyone involved with our organization.

For the children and their families, we promise to be a helping hand and financial support where needed.  We promise to provide hope, laughter, joy, positive memories and love during your difficult battle with cancer.

For the fans, we promise to create fun opportunities to see your mascot in a very positive light, by supporting children with cancer.

For the mascots, we promise to create fun and well organized events that will benefit your brand and image as well as give you a chance to network with your peers.  We will ultimately, provide your organization, team or school a chance to make a difference in the lives of children nation-wide.

For our corporate and community partners, we promise to create unique opportunities for you and your organization to be involved in helping children and their families in their battle with cancer. We will network and partner with you to create awareness for your great organization.  We will also help give back to your organization so that together we can battle this terrible disease.

For our communities, we promise to provide volunteer opportunities and to organize fun and unique events to be involved with. We will help the communities we visit become a stronger place by providing hope, laughter and love for the future of our children.

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