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Must Beat This Cancer

“Must Beat This Cancer” is a fun parody video to Justin Timberlake’s smash hit summer song, “Can’t Stop This Feeling.”  This music video is meant to not only raise awareness for childhood cancer, but to raise the spirits of those children and their families who are battling this terrible disease.  “Must Beat This Cancer” is an anthem song for these children.  Our goal is to do a fun parody video like this once a year, giving mascots, children, and their families something special to look forward to each year.  We had a blast making this music video, and we hope you enjoy it!

World Record Attempt February 21, 2016 in Philadelphia

Join Mascots For A Cure’s efforts to raise money and awareness to fight childhood cancer and register now for the World Record Breaking Event on February, 21st 2016 in Philadelphia, PA.

Music Video Lyrics:

It’s MFAC for you and yours / every mascots represents for the cure (repeat)
Philly you’ve been chosen Guinesss cant hold us / record us… but that record you now owe us

Mascots unite in the fight for the answers / its pure for the cure we X’n out childrens cancer

Hashtag the Panda / Reggy the Purple party dude / need you and your crew to come thru like a true

The kids need ya Phillie Phanatic & Mayor Nutter / we reaching out from the penthouse to the gutter

All others in between / the scene is pandaemonium CH of Philly leading the charge we showing them

Blowing their minds what mascots can accomplish / selfless service for the kids… We astonish!

“Its MFAC for you and yours/ every mascot represents for the cure”

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