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Lace Up and Twist in Philadelphia

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Lace Up and Twist Away Childhood Cancer Tour

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City: Philadelphia, PA
Date:  Monday, February 20th, 2017
Hospital Visit: N/A

We kicked off our Lace Up and Twist Away Childhood Cancer Tour in the City of Brotherly Love on FOX 29’s Good Day Philadelphia!  The Tour will take us through 36+ cities over the next 48 days or so with one goal in mind…TO CRUSH CHILDHOOD CANCER!  Two of our Courageous Knights, Layla, and Max joined us along with a handful of mascots to help kick things off.  Derek, Layla, and Reggy were all interviewed as we talked about our tour and our mission in the fight against childhood cancer.  Layla personally challenged Taylor Swift and Laurie Hernandez to take the Chubby Checker Twist Challenge.  If this first show was any indication, this tour is going to be a lot of fun!

Watch the Good Day Philadelphia segment on Facebook.

After our great morning show on Fox 29, the mascots and MFAC staff went to JJ Bootleggers to game plan for our first of what will be many Lace Up and Twist Rallies.  It is because of the support of local businesses like this that this type of effort is possible.

At 1 PM we marched over to one of the most historic landmarks in US history to hold our Lace Up and Twist Rally in front of the beautiful Independence Hall.  Three of our Courageous Knights and Royal Families joined us for this rally as well as some kind hearted locals who all helped to raise awareness and funds and to twist away childhood cancer!  It was a beautiful day in Philadelphia and a great way to officially kick off our tour!

Throughout the tour we will be engaging with various groups to Lace Up and Twist!

How you can help:

  1. Get your Lacey’s Laces from Shoe Carnival Stores or online at  This initiative is in partnership with the American Cancer Society, Coaches  vs. Cancer, Princess Lacey’s Legacy and Mascots For A Cure.
  2. Take the Chubby Checker Twist Challenge by twisting for 36 seconds to represent the number of kids diagnosed with cancer in the US every day, donate to Mascots For A Cure, and challenge others to do the same! Post your videos to every social media outlet you can and be sure to direct donations to or the tour campaign at our GoFundMe page.
  3. Reach out to us if you or someone you know is battling childhood cancer.  We look forward to helping as many kids and families as we can.

Knighting Ceremony: Ceremonial Knighting with Layla

Media: “Good Day Philadelphia” – Fox 29, CBS 3, ABC, NBC, My New Philly, My Philly Mag

Mascots: Sir Roland BraveHeart, Reggy the Purple Party Dude, Rocky Blue Winkle, Trojan Men, Jurdy the Hero of Happiness, and the Fatjacks BBQ Mascot

Hotel: N/A

Rotary Club: N/A

Lace Up and Twist Rally: Independence Mall


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