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Eugene / Springfield Relay for Life 2012-2013

After our amazing 2011 Relay for Life experience, we decided to see if there might be a Guinness World Record for the “Largest Mascot Gathering”. Sure enough there was, and this record was set in Germany with 167 total mascots. We decided to go for it and think big! Thinking big is something that we do every day at Mascots for a Cure! We realize that life is too short not to do otherwise. In 2012 we attempted a Guinness World Record for the “Largest Mascot Gathering” and successfully brought 161 total mascots to the Eugene / Springfield Relay for Life. That’s right: we missed this crazy record attempt by only SIX mascots! Six! However, not all was a loss even though we were not able to break this difficult and crazy world record. We were able to entertain over 8,000 participants; we had a large local media presence which in turn helped us to create a wonderful amount of awareness for not only Mascots for a Cure but the American Cancer Society; we had a small but significant part in helping the Eugene / Springfield Relay for Life go from the #8 Relay for Life in the entire WORLD to the #3 Relay for Life in the entire WORLD; we had a positive impact on kids from ages 3 to 93 and we were able to raise over $7,000 over the three years with our Mascots for a Cure Relay for Life team.

We attempted this record again in 2013 and ended up falling short yet again. However, we learned a lot as a team and as an organization. We took the good that we did and the love, joy, and hope that we were able to spread and turned it into a charity organization that thousands of people and mascots across the nation could rally behind. How powerful is that?! We were able to take a silly idea, turn it into a win-win scenario for all involved and have successfully created a brand and a non-profit organization that will end up changing thousands of children’s lives! We believe that the only way we will ever find a cure for childhood cancer, and cancer in general, is to work together and to help each other.

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