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Portland Starlight Parade 2016

On June 4th, 2016, Mascots for a Cure entered into our first major parade by creating a float for the Portland Starlight Parade.  Our Mascots for a Cure float was decked out in our signature purple and green lights, fog machines, a deejay, and more!  The best part about our float, and what made it stand out to the 325,000+ spectators and one million viewers on Fox 12, was the 16 mascots that we had on our float, led by our own Mascots for a Cure mascot, Sir Roland BraveHeart!  These mascots were also decked out from head to toe in neon lights as we were helping to “shine a light on childhood cancer.”  The cherry to top off our float was the Disney princesses we had alongside numerous superheroes.  Combined, we were able to create a wonderful amount of exposure for Mascots for a Cure and awareness for our fight against childhood cancer.  Due to the thousands of screaming kids who loved seeing our mascots, princesses, and superheroes, I think we also realized what it must be like to be Justin Bieber!  The Portland Starlight Parade is an event that we will certainly be looking forward to doing each and every year!

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