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World Record Attempt February 21, 2016 in Philadelphia

Join Mascots For A Cure’s efforts to raise money and awareness to fight childhood cancer and register now for the World Record Breaking Event on February, 21st 2016 in Philadelphia, PA.

Music Video Lyrics:

It’s MFAC for you and yours / every mascots represents for the cure (repeat)
Philly you’ve been chosen Guinesss cant hold us / record us… but that record you now owe us

Mascots unite in the fight for the answers / its pure for the cure we X’n out childrens cancer

Hashtag the Panda / Reggy the Purple party dude / need you and your crew to come thru like a true

The kids need ya Phillie Phanatic & Mayor Nutter / we reaching out from the penthouse to the gutter

All others in between / the scene is pandaemonium CH of Philly leading the charge we showing them

Blowing their minds what mascots can accomplish / selfless service for the kids… We astonish!

“Its MFAC for you and yours/ every mascot represents for the cure”

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