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Guinness World Record in Philadelphia

Our last three attempts at a Guinness World Record all occurred in Portland, OR, which doesn’t have a lot of professional teams, semi pro teams, universities or even high schools compared to other states on the east coast.  We have been fortunate to work with some of the best professionals in the mascot world including Christopher Bruce, David Raymond, and Glenn Street.  These three men are characters themselves and are also the ultimate professionals.  Mascots for a Cure was lucky to be able to team up with these fine gentlemen in organizing our next attempt which was in Philadelphia on February 21st, 2016.  This time, we decided to attempt a Guinness World Record for “Largest Mascot Dance,” and we did this to a choreographed dance of the “Electric Slide.”  This record was again set in, you guessed it, Japan, and had a total of 134 mascots.  We were able to gather 138 synchronized dancing mascots to “unofficially” finally break a Guinness World Record.  Months later after our record attempt, we finally heard back from the people at Guinness World Record and due to a few technicalities, we ended up missing this record by a handful of mascots!

As far as awareness from this event goes, we knocked it out of the park.  News stations across the nation were talking about Mascots for a Cure and our Guinness World Record attempt in Philadelphia!  What all of these world record attempts have taught us is to NEVER give up on our dreams and our goals.  Never!  As a team we will continue to persevere, learn, adjust, and work harder each and every time we attempt one of these fun world records.  During our trip to the East Coast, we were able to meet so many wonderful people from across the nation.  We realized the power that Mascots for a Cure has to be able to unite characters from all kinds of organizations and from all different cities.  We had a common goal and purpose of coming together to fight childhood cancer.  Most importantly, we began to realize that Mascots for a Cure isn’t just a non-profit organization that raises awareness and funds for childhood cancer.  We are a family with similar passions, goals and dreams!

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