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Bethany G

We accepted the Twist Challenge from BabyTeeth4. This is a dance challenge done for childhood cancer awareness through Mascots For A Cure. Mascots for a Cure is dedicated to help children and their families battling cancer.
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Barth Elementary

Students from all grades at Barth Elementary School twisted for a cure at their Quality Club celebration for all students who are being good and dedicated learners.

Amy Newport

Join me in the #TwistChallenge so that together we can Twist-Away-Childhood-Cancer

Pottstown School District

Our elementary principals, along with some staff and students, took on the #TwistChallenge supporting Mascots for a Cure. They each twisted for 36 seconds, because 36 children get diagnosed with cancer each day.

Chubby Checker Challenges You!

Chubby Checker is challenging everyone to take the Chubby Checker Twist Challenge benefiting Mascots for a Cure to help Twist Away Childhood Cancer!

It is as EASY as 1…2…3!!!

1) Video yourself and/or a group twisting for 36 seconds as sadly that is how many children are diagnosed every day in the USA.

2) Challenge other to do the same.

3) Post your video and donate to today!!!


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